Pushfor is underpinned by our patented ‘push’ technology and is the foundation of our mantra ‘ Push Don’t Send ’.  But what exactly is a Push and what is the difference between ‘pushing’ content versus ‘sending’ it?  The key differentiator between PUSH and SEND is when content is ‘pushed’ the original file remains secure at source.  Nothing is ever sent and content never resides on the recipient device.

Below are 6 key benefits of pushing content:

  1. Control – Maintain total control of your content and its journey. Viewing permissions are easily applied to individuals or groups and content can be geo-ring fenced against specific criteria. Permissions can also be applied to duration and number of views, download rights and screenshot protection.  Content viewing and conversational threads can also be ‘pulled’ back at any time.
  2. Privacy by Design – Pushfor was developed with a ‘privacy by design’ approach to promote privacy and data protection compliance.  A host of security features can be applied to fully protect content when pushed such as watermark protection, screenshot protection and secure blur viewing. The risk of data leaks is removed as pushed content is never left on the end users device.  If a device is lost or stolen, content is pushed to the wrong person or if a violation of permission rights is attempted, content is simply pulled back revoking viewing access from the device.   Security with protection against virus attacks is also provided as any malicious scripts in the original file are automatically stripped when pushed.
  3. Optimize User Experience (UX) – Real-time ease of access. No authoring software is needed to view any content type, on any device.  Any file type, including large multi-media types, can be pushed and instantly viewed in high definition on mobile, desktop or tablet devices.  Users can engage in real-time with the content, using instant messaging, voice and video chat to provide an interactive and engaging UX.
  4. Track Content Consumption – Every interaction with pushed content is tracked with an auto-generated audit trail – every single action is traceable. Real-time notifications show where, when and how long users have viewed content. Authors also get instant notification if a recipient has attempted a violation of use such as a screenshot attempt. This is crucial for addressing the reporting requirements for regulatory compliance including General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
  5. Make Content Intelligent – rich, real-time analytics are automatically generated on pushed content providing valuable business insight into user behavior, content consumption and content ratings.  This includes Pushfor’s patent pending, innovative ‘heat-mapping’ functionality showing which elements of a page are most viewed. This provides valuable insight on content usage and value which can help drive content strategy, user engagement, innovation in monetization models and business decision making. With Push2Link usage analytics can be used to perform multi-variant testing (A/B Testing) on marketing campaigns to identify the most effective.
  6. Empower Users – With almost 40% of the global workforce now mobile * Pushfor empowers users with instant, easy access to the right content where they need it, when they need it and from any device.  Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies can be adopted by businesses with full confidence that content is never left on the device and viewing access can be revoked at any time.  This improves the productivity of users and removes the security threat associated with BYOD and shadow IT entering the workplace.  (*source: IDC)