business content sharing

business content sharing

LONDON, UK (May 29, 2019) – Pushfor, the ultra-secure content sharing and messaging platform, has been named the winner of the Best Business Content Sharing App in the 2019 Acquisition International Cyber Security Awards.

Pushfor was founded in 2013 by security technology expert and entrepreneur John Safa. The platform enables teams and enterprise to protect and share digital content in a simple yet highly secure, controlled and trackable manner without any risk of data leakage – regardless of device or location.

The patented ‘push’ technology projects content of any type or size onto any device, allowing it to be viewed without receiving the original file. Users have instant and easy access without needing the end authoring software and content can be controlled, tracked and revoked at any time. It is the only truly secure content sharing platform that’s designed specifically for business use.

John said “We’re very proud to have won this award. Our vision is to help individuals and enterprises across the globe thrive in a safer and securer, modern day business environment and lead the path in innovation.”

The Acquisition International Cyber Security Awards honour best-in-class innovation and technology within cyber-security and recognises Pushfor’s success in going above and beyond in this highly competitive sector.

“As the importance and reliance on digital technology rises amongst society, the need for a secure environment for this to take place also rises. This is where the importance of Cyber Security cannot go unnoticed, as it has recently been described as one of the fastest-growing industries across the globe and is a fundamental feature of all developing technology and software.” Winners in other categories include CISCO, McAfee and Hitachi ID.