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Pushfor Publishing

Providing content creators and publishers with the secure and controlled viewing of content coupled with the ability to track every interaction

Harnessing the opportunities of digital publishing

The entire publishing industry has undergone a complete sea-change driven by the digital evolution and wide adoption of mobile devices.

The ways in which people now consume content for example, a book, newspaper, research paper or music has resulted in dramatically changed business and monetization models.

It presents massive opportunities for new revenue models and competitor differentiation through innovation such as digital channels of engagement and providing a relevant, contextual user experience.

However, it also raises some challenges around protecting Intellectual Property which underpins the entire structure of the publishing industry and all relevant stakeholders responsible for the creation, publishing and distribution of content.

There are many steps that can be taken to protect published content such as copyright protection, however there are some grey areas and it is very difficult to police and prevent unauthorized usage.

Pushfor will provide both content creators and publishers a platform that will provide significant benefits in both the secure and controlled viewing of content coupled with the ability to track every interaction with the content.

There are many use cases for Pushfor in the publishing industry for the various stakeholders. Some of the benefits that Pushfor can provide are:

  • Reduced risk of unauthorized usage and protection of intellectual property
  • A secure communication channel for authors and creators of content to share ideas and content with potential publishers for viewing and review only
  • The ability to have complete control of viewing and distribution in terms of who, where, when and how often
  • The ability for publishing houses to introduce new revenue models for example, pay per view, try before you buy
  • The ability to drive innovation by introducing new digital engagement channels with users, for example a research company could provide a secure channel enabling direct conversations with analysts
  • Instant, easy access for users to all types of multi-media content whatever the size including videos, podcasts, webinars without frustrating download times and the need for authoring software on the recipient device
  • The ability to create customizable viewing and privacy permissions for different content types again driving new revenue and user engagement models
  • Analytics based on tracked usage of content which can help drive effective strategies around content consumption and monetization