Leveraging the opportunities that digital presents

The increasingly digital, connected world that we are living is dramatically changing the way in which we manage our finances and the relationships that we have with financial providers. Consumers expectations have changed they want speed, convenience and relevance and their engagement channel of preference has shifted to mobile.

User expectations in the workplace have dramatically increased too.  With the wide adoption of so many innovative, easy to use, agile consumer apps the gap between what is provided in the workplace versus what is available in our personal lives is increasing day by day. This is leading to many ‘unsanctioned apps’ creeping into the workplace as users want the same levels agility in their workplace that are not typically being provided by in-house IT departments.

The opportunities for innovation are limitless. However, for Financial Institution the potential financial, regulatory and reputational risks are catastrophic if security and compliance are comprised in any way.   Data is king in Financial Services and water-tight processes and technologies must be in place to avoid any risk of data leakage – both intentional and unintentional.

Pushfor enables Financial Services to leverage the opportunities that digital presents, and be smarter in how content is distributed and shared, while ensuring the highest levels of security are applied, regulatory compliance is met and without any compromise on the user experience.

The use cases for Pushfor within Financial Services are plentiful across all sectors including Retail Banking, Corporate Banking, Wealth Management and Insurance.

The benefits that Pushfor can bring to Financial Institutions

  • Secure distribution of sensitive content removing possibility of data breach and reducing reputational risk
  • A secure instant messaging platform reducing conversation leakage and protecting company privacy
  • Increased user engagement through the creation of modern, secure, digital communication channels between all internal and external stakeholder
  • Real-time tracking of the content journey, with full audit trail meeting requirements for compliance regulations such as General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)
  •  Data residency challenges to be addressed by enabling viewing of content without compromising residency regulatory requirements as content never leaves the server
  • Real-time analytics dashboard aiding business decisions and development of a smart content strategy
  • Enabling the secure adoption of BYOD (bring your own device) policies
  • Reduced risk of users adopting unsanctioned, consumer-centric mobile apps not fit for business purpose
  • New digital services to be introduced driving innovation i.e digital vaults, improved KYC processes