Preparation is the key to success  – Alexander Graham Bell


Data analytics driving performance based training

The digital era we live in is impacting all industries with the sports industry being no exception.  An example is in the use of performance data analytics which is transforming how sports people are assessed, measured, coached and valued.

Investment in data analytics has become a critical part of performance training and enforcing its usage amongst team players is strategically important – it can make the difference between winning or losing.   Performance based training programs are typically developed based on analytics resulting in highly personalized physical training regimes coupled with studying one’s own performance and that of competing opponents. Sporting establishments now have increasing large repositories of multi-media content that needs to be shared with team players – some of which is highly sensitive.

The need for secure distribution of content

It is not uncommon for sporting establishments to share sensitive content within the club either through email or large file transfer systems.  This presents many security issues and the consequence of sensitive content falling into the ‘wrong’ hands can be catastrophic for both the club and the individual player.  It is also very difficult for coaches to know if the players have actually viewed and studied the content and therefore the impact it is having on improving performance.

Managing and distributing content securely and effectively for both club and players has now become a critical part of operating any sports organization.

Pushfor Sport

Pushfor provides the perfect platform to enable sporting individuals and establishments to share content securely and effectively to help prepare for success.

  • share real-time, pre-match preparation content quickly and securely
  • provide instant access to opponent profile and behaviour information accessible from any device – when they need it, where they need it
  • create content once and then with a single push share with individuals and teams –
  • set viewing permissions on how and where content can be consumed
  • full data real time analytics on how the content has been consumed, how long for, from which device and how much times it was been viewed etc
  •  share sensitive data such as player and team performance stats, performance based training programs, transfer and loan negotiations and scouting conversations without the risk of unintentional leakage
  • distribute content of any type or size i.e. videos for training and motivation that players can access and view instantly on their mobile device
  • provide a secure, instant messaging platform that players can use with peace of mind without any risk of conversation leakage