Pushfor launches and showcases Push2Link at FinovateEurope 2018

Sharing of content to mass audiences, via any channel, whilst still maintaining full control with real-time usage analytics accessible from the palm of your hand.

London, UK, 6th March 2018 – Pushfor, secure content sharing and instant messaging platform, is launching and showcasing Push2Link which enables content to be protected and securely shared across any distribution channel – any content, any format, any device.

Pushfor’s innovative, patented ‘push’ technology addresses a problem with sharing content. Typically, platforms that allow users to share files with a unique link have one massive security hole – the content is still sent.  The user that receives the link must download the file to be able to view it. Push2Link addresses this security risk and protects the content by leveraging its patented ‘push’ technology to render the content within the browser whilst the file remains secure at source.

Up until now both content authors and recipients needed to be on-board with the Pushfor platform to take advantage of its powerful enterprise sharing, security, protection and tracking features – Push2Link overcomes this limitation and is transformational in that content authors can now ‘push’ content via an auto-generated unique URL via any channel.  The content stays completely under the control of the author who can track every step of engagement, monitor user behavior and consumption and if necessary pull back the content at any time.

John Safa, Founder and CTO said ‘Push2Link is an absolute game-changer.

Imagine being able to share a promotional product offer via social media channels and still have full control of the content – you can see exactly how many times it has been opened, how long it has been viewed for, where it is being viewed, which element of the page or video is of most interest – all in real-time and should the offer expire the content is simply pulled back.  It is a marketeer’s dream for demonstrating ROI, enabling quick and effective A/B testing of campaigns and gaining insight on user content consumption– and that it is only one use case.  With GDPR around the corner there are limitless internal and external use cases because every event and action is captured and logged, and at any time content can be pulled back removing all trace of it so enabling the right to be forgotten which is one of the challenging aspects of complying with GDPR

Push2Link is being showcased at FinovateEurope on Tuesday 6th March 2018 taking place at London ExCEL.

To find out more contact:

Amanda Steward
Pushfor – VP Marketing