Prevention not cure is way forward in Security

By November 13, 2018Uncategorized
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I had a chat with a leading cybersecurity AI company recently when they came into our office and it made me realise what the security world’s about.

They’re a great company, but they detect stuff being leaked. They can’t stop it. So they provide a very useful security layer, but security needs to be multiple layered, and that’s where Pushfor comes into it.

If you think about it, existing security products are about detecting an issue and then flagging it up later on.

So the way this company’s product works, they’ll detect something’s happened on the network – say, Freddie has shared a document on his Dropbox account. The problem is, that document has then leaked, and if it was, say, an M&A activity, once one piece of it is out there, the information is exposed. It may well find itself in the business news within minutes.

So it’s like an antivirus product; it detects a threat, but you don’t necessarily know what the threat is, or learn anything from it.

Our view of the world at Pushfor is prevention is better than cure. If that one M&A document is leaked out, then it’s fine that you can prevent it happening in the future, but it doesn’t solve the immediate crisis – that something whose essence was confidentiality is now in the public realm.

What we do is prevent that document leaking – full stop.

Bear in mind also how much of what we do today is on mobile devices, with lots of Bring Your Own Device and cloud storage. The threat for leaks is so great nowadays, with so much data propagating out there. It’s very difficult for detection technologies to know what’s going on.

Compare the way people use Whatsapp, for example, with how we worked 25 years ago, when you had a PC with floppy discs and a hard drive and no way of communicating with the outside world, apart from a local intranet connection.

Today, it’s not just your PC – there are devices on multiple platforms pushing information into the outside world. So it’s incredibly difficult to have an effective ringfence protection technology.

The company we met with has really good technology but it’s all about finding out what happened in retrospect – and it’s also difficult to lock down which device the leak came from. In a big corporation, that device could be anywhere in the world, in any time zone – and it may not be in the hands of a member of staff, but a consultant.

So our view is to put your content on your devices but in such a way that it can’t leak to any real extent from that device.

And that’s the Pushfor difference.