Pushfor’s ‘WePush’ set to disrupt the Digital File Transfer Market valued at USD$1.5 Billion

By December 11, 2018Press Releases
File Transfer
File Transfer

Pushfor Ltd announced today that its unique, patented PUSH technology is poised to be rolled out into the global file sharing market under the brand name of WePush.

WePush is a simple online file-transferring platform enabling users to quickly and simply transfer their files across the internet, but unlike offerings from other companies, all files shared using WePush is fully protected and any of the most commonly used file types can be viewed in high fidelity using any device, including mobile phones.

The move is aimed at securing a major share of the ever growing digital file transfer market, currently worth around USD$1.5 billion and anticipated to grow to over USD$10 billion by 2025.

Mike Williams, Pushfor CEO, comments ‘The market is ready for a next generation file sharing platform that fully protects content whilst allowing individuals and companies to maintain full control of files that they share and to gain insight on how they are being viewed. There are a number of companies who avoid using current file transfer solutions because of their limitations, some preferring to send printed matter out to their clients by post due to the security risks with email. By using WePush such companies will have full confidence that they can digitise their workflow without any compromise on security and save massive costs – we recently estimated that a client we’re currently in discussions with will save over £2m just in annual postage costs in relation to one of many annual postal exercises that they perform. Also, marketing companies will finally be able to see the effectiveness of their efforts whilst companies who have a need to be assured that recipients are reading materials that are sent to their client or partners will have full visibility of how the content has been consumed’.

WePush will be available early in 2019.  A free to use version allows 55+ different file types, up to 5GB in size, to be shared, downloaded and viewed on any device.  A massive benefit is that even on mobile devices the recipient does not require any additional software for viewing. Whatever the file type a quality, high fidelity view of the content is provided.

Things get even more disruptive with the paid version of WePush which brings larger file sizes, extensive usage analytics and watermarking to the party. WePush enables full usage control including the ability to revoke access to the shared-file using PULL functionality and the addition of file expiry dates amongst permissions that control what the recipient can do with the files being shared outside of your internal network.

Mike Williams, CEO explains why the market is ready for next generation file sharing – read here.

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