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Pushfor Enterprise Edition

Secure content sharing for teams and enterprises

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Share any content and give users easy and instant access to the right information at the right time, from any device

The pressure on businesses to provide mobile applications in the workplace with the same levels of agility of those that we are embracing in our personal lives has never been greater.

Consumer-centric messaging and content sharing platforms are becoming widely used in the workplace as they allow instant, real-time communication that are more user-friendly and agile than traditional business approaches used such as email.

But they are causing a massive security and corporate governance headache for businesses as ‘unsanctioned apps’ become more prevalent. The potential financial, reputational and regulatory risk of businesses suffering data or content leakage can be catastrophic for businesses across all sectors.

Pushfor has been developed with businesses in mind to bridge that gap and provide confidence and peace of mind in the sharing of business-critical content.

Our unique patented ‘projection’ technology enables any content type (documents, spreadsheets, PDF’s, presentations, multi-media, URL links, images etc) to be ‘pushed’ rather than sent – the content never leaves its original source destination and viewing rights to the content can be ‘pulled’ back at any time.

This is combined with a rich, instant messaging platform protecting the privacy and reputation of both your organization and all other external stakeholders.

devicesPushfor is easily customised enabling solutions to be whitelabelled or corporate branding applied.

Features and benefits

Key features

  • Highly, secure content sharing and instant messaging platform
  • Push content to individuals or groups
  • Instant and easy access without the need for authoring software
  • File never leaves source destination
  • No restrictions on content type or size
  • Customizable viewing and privacy permissions
  • Share content from device or cloud storage
  • Pull back content or conversation thread at any time
  • Protect against screenshotting
  • Geo-track location of users and where content is viewed
  • Auto generated audit trail of interaction and content journey
  • Engage in real-time with message, voice or video
  • Management usage analytics dashboard
  • Can be hosted on own servers
  • Available for iOS, Android and Web

Key benefits

  • Complete control of content distribution
  • Empower users with quick and easy access to content – when they need it
  • Increase user and customer engagement
  • Improve productivity and reduce operational costs
  • Totally secure distribution of sensitive and confidential information
  • Avoid content leakage and data breach
  • Reduce threat of reputational, financial and regulatory risk
  • Overcome data residency regulatory challenges
  • Audit trail of content journey for regulatory compliance i.e GDPR
  • Enable secure adoption of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
  • Analytics driving business decisions and smart content strategy
  • Flexible deployment options
  • Open API layer driving innovation


Push don’t send:
Project content securely in high fidelity to any device


Control with confidence:
Manage how, when and where content is viewed and who has access to it


Engage in realtime:
Communicate with instant chat, voice and video


Track every event:
Capture all interactions with your content