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VANCOUVER, BC Aequilibrium is pleased to announce a new partnership agreement with Pushfor’s next-generation secure content and interactivity platform to deliver personalized mobile engagement to customers in the financial services, insurance, health, and legal industries in Canada and the US.

“Our partnership reveals the challenges many organizations face with the seamless push of digital content,” said Aequilibrium CEO Adrian Moise. “By working together, Aequilibrium and Pushfor will be able to optimize content experiences for customers by addressing the issues related to security, privacy, and optimized consumption on mobile devices.”

This partnership comes at a crucial time; more than ever, customers journeys are emerging as a vital component of digital transformation. Banks, for example, are well on their way to full digital transformation via omnichannel solutions; however, delivery of unstructured content remains untouched, particularly with high-value clients and complex products.

secure content

“The volume of unstructured content in the financial services industry, such as mortgage documents, financial plans, and complex insurance policies, have increased dramatically in the last decade and there has been no easy solution to collaborate on content in real-time, create proper audit trails, and deliver content securely. With Pushfor, we can now also increase relevancy and the quality of brand engagement with end users,” explained Ruxandra Aldea, General Manager of aeqbanking, a division of Aequilibrium.

Similarly, in the field of health, doctors in hospitals can view patient records and synthesize information quicker through digital access at patient bedsides. In law, lawyers can communicate with clients with confidence in security.

Aequilibrium has been rapidly expanding across North America, providing digital consultancy, design, and development services to support enterprise digital transformation programs. As part of the partnering arrangement, Aequilibrium will support organizations in the adoption of FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE next-generation secure content platforms in the cloud through customer journey design, integration with key front and back office systems, and full change management, while leveraging Pushfor’s secure patent-pending technology.

Pushfor is equally excited to partner with Aequilibrium. “We have selected Aequilibrium as one of our key partners in North America to provide quick time-to-market with our technology and to facilitate adoption through frictionless customer experiences. Teaming up means that we’ll be able to leverage their strengths and our strengths, while also take advantage of Aequilibrium’s deep industry knowledge to expand both of our brands further into North America,” said John Safa, CTO of Pushfor.

Aequilibrium’s clients will be able to leverage Pushfor’s technology to offer premium digital services and differentiated experiences while Pushfor’s clients will be able to take advantage of Aequilibrium’s consultancy team to implement and extend the platform.

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Aequilibrium is a digital studio specializing in product design and software development. We were founded on the idea that great design can change the way consumers and brands interact with each other. Since 2012, we’ve been crafting award-winning digital products that put clients at the heart of every solution, generating measurable results with every project.

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About Pushfor

Pushfor is the only truly secure content sharing platform that’s designed specifically for business use. The patented ‘push’ technology projects content of any type or size onto any device, allowing it to be viewed without receiving the original file. Users have instant and easy access without needing the end authoring software and content can be controlled, tracked and revoked at any time.