Content drives business – Discover 6 Reasons to Push Dont Send

We are living in a digital era where the dissemination of content can be global within seconds.  Content can go ‘viral’ at an unstoppable speed and viewed by millions.  In the business world this unfolds opportunities, however, it also opens the door for significant misuse and potential data leakage. For companies this presents substantial financial, reputational and regulatory risk.

Typically, 80% of content generated within a business is ‘unstructured’.  This is content such as documents, presentations, images and videos that do not fit in a tidy, structured database. It is everywhere, difficult to manage and generally requires dedicated software to access it.  This is typically the content type that drives business.

The problem with sending content

The most traditional workplace method of sharing content is to send it as an attachment by email. Once sent, you have no control over what the recipient does with the content – content rarely sits still and is generally forwarded and shared.  And it is all too easy to send an email to the wrong person, risking business-sensitive information falling into the wrong hands.  Email is continually being exposed as not fit for purpose as data breaches and malware attacks from infected emails are now commonplace stories. 88% of companies experience data loss with email being the main culprit.

An additional risk is the increasing use of consumer apps, unsanctioned by the business, being used for content sharing and instant messaging both internally and externally. They are causing a massive security risk and corporate governance headache. Platforms like WhatsApp use encryption as the message is being sent from one device to another, but there’s no way to control the content once it’s arrived on the recipient’s device. The same with Dropbox – you lose control of what happens to the content once it’s been shared and downloaded. It can be passed freely between people outside the business leaving corporate control thereby posing a real business threat. The business risk of data leakage can result in very damaging consequences. The only way you can ensure that you maintain complete control and ownership of the content journey is NOT TO SEND it.

The solution – Push Don’t Send

At Pushfor we have a patented, content sharing ‘push’ technology developed with ‘security by design’ for the modern business world.  Pushfor leverages all the benefits and opportunities associated with digital whilst ensuring that security and control are never compromised, reducing the risk of data leakage to zero.

Discover 6 Reasons to Push Dont Send

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