World Intellectual Property (IP) Day – Protect your IP with Pushfor

Today is being recognized across the globe as World Intellectual Property (IP) Day.  IP Laws issuing trademarks, copyright and patents are key to promoting an environment where creativity and innovation can thrive and enabling creators to reap the rewards of their works and for society to benefit from them.

However, the massive digital shift in the industry has led to increasingly more assets being digitized and although protected by IP Laws, digital content can be leaked, either by accident or malicious intent. In-fact human error is regularly cited as the weakest link and biggest information security threat for any business – we are only human after all.   If digitized, sensitive or high value proprietary content falls into the wrong hands the risk and consequences to the business can be disastrous.  Global media and entertainment publishers such HBO, Netflix and Disney have all experienced IP theft and got a story to tell!

Data protection and information security have now become a C+ level agenda item across all industries. Gartner forecasts that worldwide information security spending will reach $93Billion in 2018 and spending on cybersecurity products and services are predicted to exceed $1 trillion over five years from 2017 to 2021.

However, one of the biggest risks is when content needs to be shared between 3rd parties externally- these contacts then becoming your weakest link.  You can have your own house in order with many security technologies, tactics and processes in place from controlled access, encrypted data, secure servers to confidential and non-disclosure agreements but once outside of your organization it is almost impossible to maintain control of that content, and where it ends up.

Pushfor’s patented technology has been developed specifically to protect and securely share any digitized content – be it documents, images, music files, videos etc.  Infact, John Safa, founder and brainchild of Pushfor, came up with the concept of Pushfor after failing to find a platform that enabled him to share multi-media content straight to a device whilst ensuring the content was protected against un-authorised use. John had a need for this in his personal life with his hobby being skyscraper photography.  Being a seasoned entrepreneur and security expert he saw a market need and decided to develop a solution – herald the birth of Pushfor!

Not only is Pushfor secure by design but it also provides a modern day, mobile first solution that enables content authors to maintain total control of their content with knowledge of every interaction and engagement with it.  In fact, with Pushfor the original file never leaves its source location so only one version exists removing the risk of unknown content footprints.

Here are 5 features of Pushfor that help you protect the IP of your most valuable proprietary content.

Secure Sharing – Pushfor provides a secure communication channel for authors and creators so ideas and content can be shared with potential publishers/agents for viewing and review only.   Content is ‘pushed’ which ensures that the original copy remains secure at source – the recipient receives a high definition, projected view of the content to their device which cannot be printed, forwarded or screenshot.  There are multiple security options that can be easily applied to a ‘push’ such as a secure blur view, watermark protection and shared encrypted keys for highly sensitive content.  Protection against screenshots is standard.  You can rest assured that your content is fully protected against any mis-use.

Control – you maintain total control of your content and its journey. Viewing permissions are easily applied to individuals or groups and content can be geo-ring fenced against specific criteria i.e a building, location, country, etc.   Permissions can also be applied to duration and number of views.  Content viewing and conversational threads can also be ‘pulled’ back at any time revoking all access.  Should content be sent to the wrong person you can simply pull it back.

Tracking – Every interaction with the content is captured and tracked.  Once content is pushed you can track all engagement with the content such as who, where, when and how often the content has been viewed.  If anyone attempts a violation of use, such as an attempted screenshot, you are notified in real-time.

Real-time Analytics – rich, real-time analytics are automatically generated on content usage and consumption providing the author or creator with valuable business insight.  For example, how long the recipient has spent reading, watching or listening depending on the content type, which elements of a page are most viewed and what device type are they viewing it on.  These analytics show engagement with the content helping the author better understand the content value.

Optimized User Experience – We are living in a mobile first world and Pushfor provides easy, real-time access to pushed content, from any device regardless of location – right content, when you need it. No authoring software is needed to view any content type, on any device.  Any file type, including large multi-media types, can be pushed and instantly viewed in high definition on mobile, desktop or tablet devices.  Users can engage in real-time with the content, using instant messaging, voice and video chat to provide an interactive and engaging UX.

Whether you are a global enterprise, an SME, design or advertising agency, a movie making giant, a musician/artist, a fashion designer or a creator or inventor of –  well anything really.  Pushfor reduces the data leakage risk to zero and enables you to maintain total control when sharing your digital assets and provides peace of mind that you work is protected.